Maji Moto

I’ve been working six days a week for a while. So last weekend, when I found myself with a three day weekend, I just had to take the opportunity to go far away from the school and be submerged in some of the most beautiful water I’ve ever come across. Maji Moto hot springs aren’t necessarily all that hot, but I’m not complaining. The water was the perfect temperature and under the shade of the spectacularly large trees, it’s a little oasis. The drive out there was a bitch. We drove two hours, in blistering heat. I couldn’t help but wonder if the driver we hired had any clue where it was. Sure enough, smack bang in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, amidst the baron landscape, there it was, paradise. It was such a refreshing afternoon. Once I found the rope swing I just couldn’t keep away from it. I was virtually dragged back into the dala to head home. I will most definitely be heading back there often.