Jambo from Tanzania

I’m here. My bags are not, but I’m alive and don’t feel like absolute turd so I can’t complain (well of course I can, but what would that acheive). Once again I don’t have a great deal of time to go into detail, but that’s probably better than boring you all with paragraph after paragraph of dribble that would probably only be interesting to me.

I’ve had the perfect introduction to ‘African time’ with my flight arriving 40 minutes later than scheduled then suffering the arduous process of immigration and customs only to arrive to a non operating baggage carousel with no more than 5 bags on it, not one of them mine. Leaving me to line up yet again to fill out more forms and try to find out if my bags are even on the same continent. Once I arrived at the school the other volunteers assured me this is common and they will more than likely arrive tomorrow. It seems that when a flight is quite full the airline staff often just leave some of the baggage for the next flight the following day. So maybe pray for me that they will show up soon. For now I’m off to go swimming with some of the volunteers I’ve just met at a nearby hotel, in a pair of board shorts I was lent by a guy I’ve yet to meet, who doesn’t appear to have the same 30in waist. Here’s hoping they stay up. Otherwise it could make for an interesting first impression.