In Transit

Need to keep this brief. Waiting at the  gate to board my next flight to Nairobi. So this is bound  to be riddled with grammatical errors.

My first flight to Bangkok was smooth sailing. A couple of good movies and some  good food, and no back pain or stress. I will ellaborate later, but for now this  is just a quick update to let you all know I’m alive and well. Gee this metal keyboard  makes for laboursome  typing. The  plan is to crash (as in sleep) for this whole flight and  then arrive rested early (7:30am) in Nairobi to catch one  more flight to Kilimanjaro Airport where for the  first time in all my travels a man will be holding a sign with my name  on it to take me to the school.

3 minutes left on free internet clock. Guess that will do, for now.