Day 6 Horombo Hut - Marangu Gate

Distance: 20km. Altitude: 3720m - 1840m.

On the way down the Marangu route the change of scenery was apparent. From dry, lifeless, rocky alpine desert to lush, green, warm forest.

As we took the Rongai route up and the Marangu route (Coca Cola route) down. We were camping all the way. So we didn’t actually stay in the huts shown below. I just wanted to show how easy some had it.

We arrived at the gate with a sense of accomplishment and relief. Looking forward to a shower after 6 days without one. There was an unfortunate amount of waiting around to sign out of the mountain and collect our certificates proving we had actually summited Uhuru Peak. It wasn’t until reviewing the photograph later, that I noticed the guy with the massive gun had jumped in the photo and given a thumbs up.