Day 2 Simba Camp - Kikelewa Camp

Distance: 12km. Altitude 2700m - 3650m.

The morning of day 2, I woke refreshed and relieved that I slept well on a 1 inch thick sleeping mat. Overhearing talk of how clear the view to the mountain was, I grabbed my camera and snapped away, still coming to terms with the idea that in a few days I’d be up on top of it.

Walking along the trail pole pole (slowly), frequently porters would pass by haraka (quickly), carrying unbelievable loads on top of their heads, wearing shoes many wouldn’t consider wearing walking down the street, let alone climbing a mountain.

One of our guides, Hassani (below). Always calm and collected, seemed like the strong silent type until hanging back and chatting with him a few times, attempting to improve my Swahili.

One of the advantages of the Rongai route was looking back over the Kenyan plains from the north side of the mountain.